Best Senior Citizens Clubs in US

Discover the secrets of anti-aging and turning back the hands of time, besides all that’s available aesthetically, such as wrinkle creams. If you’re not sure which organization is best we are is here to help you find out how each organization shapes up. We’d like to provide you with a list of key organizations in order to acknowledge the contributions older people have made to our society.


Are you members of a senior discount membership organization or you haven’t decided on the best fit for you? Explore local clubs to find one in your area, because seniors have it tough: due to a relentless focus on millennials, the nearly 50 million U.S. residents aged over 65 can’t seem to keep up with the information on insurance landscape.


If you’re looking to find a membership organization, you should have all the details of a good investment, as members receive a range of benefits, from as early as age 50, and most organizations also speak out on senior issues. The amount of time spend with a club is up to you, but here are a few of your options, so check out which ones you should become a part of to give you the services you.


  1. 60 Plus Association

The best upside is that your spouse gets free membership. Founded in 1992, they are nonpartisan of affiliation, their main priority is to end the federal estate tax, but they do not sell supplemental insurance and the membership age is 60, in order to serve older Americans.


  1. AARP

AARP is the largest organization, and more than half of its 34 million members over age 50 are still working, due to its focus on health and economic security. AARP also offers books, magazines, and videos for the older population and its trusted name makes it a great one. This club is a nonprofit, and aims to lead positive social change through information and service. Discounts on a wide array of products, including health and car rental, are available and all providers are endorsed.


  1. The Administration on Aging

This agency is dedicated to planning of supportive home-and community-based services, working through the National Aging Network of State and thousands of service providers, as well as caregivers.


  1. Castle Rock Senior Center

The Center offers transportation services for elderly to go to doctors or on errands, with their fleet of vehicles and drivers, offering thus a unique service, based on donations. The Senior Center organizes a wide variety of off-site events, including fundraising and socializing, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with the help of several contributions. For more than 46 years, it has been providing services to those who are loving life in the second half, as the senior citizen population grew to people 50+ in age. People choose to come for activities here from all over the Denver area to make friends for life, try new things, participate in special interest groups, or just to laugh more and profit from the special services and transportation program.


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