Activities and Exercises to try during the winter

Finding senior-friendly activities is hard, that is why we love these winter activities which are sure to add warmth to everyone, while keeping your older adult active. Getting involved in senior citizen clubs is a great opportunity, as you move on past 55 years of age, and despite the fact that you are still a spry young senior you may be forgetting a few things or simply just want to sit tight. Many people find it challenging to stay in shape as the celebratory feasting we consume between Christmas and New Year’s doesn’t help with the balance.


Even if you require long-term care keep in mind that there are some senior activities you can try this winter. So take advantage of all of the fun activities the season offers and spread holiday cheer the same time! As a senior, you need to be eating the right foods and exercising early in the morning should become part of your daily routine, even when it’s cold outside and you’re wondering how to stay healthy throughout the holiday season.


The winter season is upon us with its cool winter breeze and you’re probably wrapped up in your warm blankets during the winter holidays, which seem to come faster than ever. Physical activity has many health benefits while improving the respiratory system, helping us to prevent many health problems such as heart disease while promoting good mental health in seniors for a quality lifestyle. Older adults can have just as much fun at a senior citizen center or the local community center, so try any outdoor recreational activity as they are great for older adults.


It’s time to eat delicious food which keeps you warm with a cozy blanket wrapped around your shoulders, but don’t forget to prioritize your exercise this winter season, as we’ve compiled some ideas for seniors and included some indoor activities you can enjoy while having some fun. There are many exercises that are effective and safe, so fear not; it will warm your heart too!


  1. Swimming in winter

Even if it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you should dismiss this activity, because swimming is one of the most physically and aerobically beneficial activities that anyone can enjoy, but make sure you find a heated indoor pool (maybe you can try at a gym).


  1. Going for a walk

During this time you likely still have a little shopping to do, so go Christmas shopping, don’t wait until the last minute to buy presents, because, according to Harvard Health Publications, walking for 30 minutes can burn calories. The mall might be crowded with people and there is a chance you might get overwhelmed, but it is a way to socialize and get to do some exercise. Who said you can’t enjoy your workout and do some holiday window-shopping in the same time?


  1. Making a delicious meal

For those who use a wheelchair, tasks that don’t involve standing are best, so ask them to set a timer or find a low table and involve them in the cooking fun.

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